I love carving big, swooping turns down steep runs at the alpine resorts that dot the Sierra. But for a change of pace, nothing’s more sublime than kicking and glidingKeep Reading!

Snowshoes typically come in three sizes: 8″ x 25″, 9″ x 30″, and 10″ x 36″. There is also a slightly smaller shoe built with women in mind: 8″ xKeep Reading!

Aluminum, wooden, rubber, plastic, steel, titanium, rounded, pointed, symmetrical, asymmetrical, fixed, pivot… so many materials, shapes and styles – it’s hard to know what’s best for you. Let’s see ifKeep Reading!

One thing is for sure… snowshoeing IS for everybody. Great article from the founder of Snowshoe Magazine. by Ryan Alford – Snowshoe Magazine One thing is for sure…snowshoeing IS forKeep Reading!