Packing your Snowshoe Pack

iStock_000000481557_Medium1200Getting all your gear together? Here’s some tip of packing your pack for a snowshoe friendly trip.

A daypack or waist pack isn’t “equipment” in the sense of snowshoes and poles, nor is it “clothing” in any sense even though you wear it. Nor is it an accessory, but rather a necessity.

The size of your pack depends on how much you’re carrying. For a short hike in a controlled situation such as a cross-country or Alpine ski area or on a guided tour, a waist pack with an extra layer of clothing, sunscreen and water will probably do.

If you’re going out for several hours away from support services, prepare as you would for mountain hiking. Plan on toting a daypack stocked with extra layers of clothing, extra socks, water and food, plus basic emergency gear.

See the Snowshoe Checklist for a complete list of gear.