Finding the Snowshoer in You

One thing is for sure… snowshoeing IS for everybody. Great article from the founder of Snowshoe Magazine.

by Ryan Alford – Snowshoe Magazine

One thing is for sure…snowshoeing IS for everybody.

Well…almost everybody, but the sport has been around long enough to earn itself a cliché statement: “If you can walk, you can snowshoe.”

So, I challenge you to try snowshoeing. If you are a first-timer to the sport, understand that snowshoeing is probably the most versatile winter sport in existence. Where there is snow, there is the potential landscape for a snowshoer. Also understand that snowshoeing equipment is a fraction of the cost compared to many popular winter sports today – there are no pricey lift tickets either.

However, snowshoeing takes a commitment and an effort that will test your strength and willpower. The health and fitness aspects of the sport are significantly greater than any other winter sport in the world. An avid snowshoer will become aware of their heightened physical condition over time. By itself, snowshoeing is almost a wonder diet.

That’s my public service announcement on snowshoeing. I’m proud to be a snowshoer myself, but I am uniquely involved in the sport and the industry. I represent the quickly growing and rising publication Snowshoe Magazine – a Web-based effort with plans to provide a print version soon. Not only is this forum your portal to more information on the sport, I will lead you through a season that will direct you to for information updates, exceptional content and more.

I hold the sport of snowshoeing close to my heart. I first became interested in the sport after a growing frustration for the increasing prices of ski equipment and resort tickets. After discovering how cost-effective snowshoeing is, I jumped at the chance to purchase a pair of shoes. Later, I found myself tromping through the backcountry and enjoying the tranquility.

More and more snowshoers are born every day. I invite you to become part of the worldwide community of snowshoers and make a promise to try it out. Not only do you have the option to purchase equipment, you can also rent snowshoes. The sport is well-suited for families (including children ages 3 and up), the sport appeals to seniors who find it easy on aching joints and muscles…it appeals to virtually any person interested in the outdoors. Snowshoeing’s ideally universal in every aspect.

Snowshoeing can also be…”cool,” I guess. As the sport evolves, more and more backcountry snowboarders are finding snowshoes to be helpful. Plus, snowshoe races and competitions are very exciting to watch and participate in – something that a youthful audience can appreciate. Snowshoeing ain’t just a family sport!

Much is in store for snowshoeing, including its potential as an Olympic game. Plans are underway to begin working with the International Olympic Committee to hold snowshoeing demonstration races at the winter games, Vancouver 2010. Although we are far from that time frame, the participation needs to increase now. That’s where you come in. We need your help to increase awareness. We need your help in making snowshoeing a mainstream sport. We need your help by becoming a snowshoer.

As you maintain your visits to this area on, if it starts here, I welcome you to the sport. If you already snowshoe, help me increase interest among those who have yet to take the snowy plunge. There’s plenty of information to be shared and discussed.

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