Snowshoeing Checklist

iStock_000019221600_Large1200This list may seem a little long to you, and in may ways it is, but this is a good sampling of all the things you might need on your next snowshoeing adventure. We’ve broken down our list into 4 categories so it will be easy to run through the essentials.

Equipment & Accessories

Clothing and Accessories

  • Base Layer (long underwear, performance wear)
  • Insulating Layer (fleece or insulating long sleeve top or vest)
  • Outer Layer (waterproof, breathable jacket or shell)
  • Hat (optional, but don’t forget your ears!)
  • Gloves (waterproof, you’ll spend time in the snow, don’t forget that)
  • Neck Gaiter (optional)

Other Necessities for the Trail

Extras for the Backcountry