What to wear when you go Snowshoeing

iStock_000018924160_Large1200Sounds simple, but for those who are not experienced hikers and adventurers, this is a question that pops up all the time. Here’s your guide to snowshoe clothing needs.

Clothing Basics :

Dress in layers and be prepared to shed or add layers if you heat up or cool down or if the weather changes abruptly, as it often does in Colorado’s high country.

Thermal underwear, windproof pants, an insulating layer of synthetic fleece or wool and a windproof and water-repellent shell jacket are the basic components of a layering system. Some snowshoers like to add a vest, or use a vest instead of a long sleeved pullover, sweater or shirt as the insulating jacket. A hat and a pair of warm gloves complete the basic outfit.

If you are going for a short snowshoe at an established resort center, you can be casual with the number of layers and options you take along. However, if you are going out for several hours and particularly into the Backcountry, never assume that the weather will be as good when you are out there as when you get out of your car.

Being prepared for worse – often far worse – weather than at the beginning of your excursion isn’t just a good good idea. It can save your life.